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Steven  Rhude is a classically trained and multi-skilled artist specializing in portraiture, figurative, and coastal paintings. He has established himself as a international artist with an diverse clientele spanning Canada, the US, UK and Europe, with notable commissions from the world of business and



Portrait commissions are in many respects a collaborative effort. Steven works carefully with the client to achieve a concept and composition that is respectful of the character and disposition of the sitter. Steven's ability as a portrait painter is greatly influenced by channeling the skills of the old Masters before him while maintaining a commitment to contemporary expression. He harks back to a period of art that celebrates beauty on all levels, and has an incredible talent for capturing likeness not only in appearance, but personality and energy too. He works primarily in oil using the best materials available to insure the longevity and conservation of his work. 

Steven' commissions also include themes relating to Atlantic Canada in the form of landscape and coastal imagery. He has the ability to not only capture the uniqueness of a place special to an individual's connection to it, but to also evoke the history and changes that come with such an experience. Steven sees a landscape or coastal theme also as an important collaboration between himself and the client. The following images are examples of Steven's work in this field.

In order to discuss an idea with Steven or get a quote please feel free to contact him at :



Portrait of Raymond E. Ivany, 15th President ofAcadia University, Wolfville, NS oil/canvas, 48" x 40", collection Acadia University, Wolfville, NS

IMG_1720 (2) (1).JPG

Youghall Beach, oil/canvas, 40" x 60", private collection

PR  for book 054.jpg

Lunenburg Harbour, oil/canvas, 40" x 60", private collection

#three sheds and dory.JPG

Dory on a Wharf, oil/canvas, 40" x 60", private collection


David and his Dad, NB, oil/canvas, 40" x 72", private collection

Horse and Church Cheverie.JPG

Horse and Church, Cheverie, oil/canvas, 48" x 48", private collection


Boy with Fossil, oil/masonite, 24" x 48", private collection


Boat at St. Augustine Light, oil/canvas, 40" x 50", private collection


Granite View and Light, Pace Group, Halifax, oil/canvas, 48" x 60"

Road From Petty Harbour.JPG

Fortis Corporation, Road to Petty Harbour, oil/canvas, 48" x 96" 

Portrait od Callum Tucker, Student of Acadia.JPG

portrait of Callum, oil/canvas, 36" x 48", private collection


Sam with Cod Fish, oil/canvas, 48" x 36", private collection

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